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Single Source Solution
Fairfield Metals, LP - Your Single Source Service Provider
Fairfield Metals provides a professional service of recycle, recovery, and disposal of spent catalysts, and other metal-bearing wastes. Fairfield Metals offers companies a single source contact to recover these strategic metals. We offer the most professional and reliable customer service and support in the industry. Fairfield Metals is structured to meet your needs by providing knowledgeable industry expertise, a full range of services, and an excellent track record of customer service and support.

What We Do
Recycle, Recover, Dispose
When it comes to offering a ready outlet for your spent catalysts and other metal-bearing compounds for recycle, recovery, or disposal, Fairfield Metals delivers results. We use a proven network of customer-audited upgrading facilities to process the catalysts, and metal-bearing compounds from your refining and manufacturing operations. Our expertise, experience in these industries, and commitment to our customers are what makes the difference.

Complete Process Management
We Support Your Entire Recovery or Disposal Process
Fairfield Metals will help you identify metals and catalysts suitable for recovery or reclamation, then acquire these materials outright or act as a transfer agent on your behalf. We support the entire process through unloading, packaging, transport and transfer.